The Culture Vulture (CV) Distributed Library

How It Would Work if anyone joined

Unlike a regular library, there is no single building in which the Inventory is housed.

The library is a distributed collection of DVDs and VCDs and CDs (collectively, Ds).  Each D is housed at the house of the last person who borrowed it.  Tapes are explicitly excluded as they can transfer fungi and gunge from machine to machine and or get chewed up.

The contact details (just their phone number is enough) of the last borrower of a D are recorded in the Inventory below, which may become a database if anyone joins.

If you want to join, you email the dogsbody aka secretary ( a list of those of your CV-like entertainments you are willing to allow to be duplicated, ONCE, onto a D.  Contact the dogsbody if you want someone to do it for you.  That D can then be borrowed by other Cvers. 

You retain your original and don't lend it to the library.

Once a D is made at the request of a borrower (who provides the blank), that person is recorded as the D's location in the Inventory, which includes things that could be D'd but havent been yet because no-one's asked to borrow them so far.  Once someone else borrows it from them, they become the person whom the next borrower asks and so forth.  So no-one is unduly swamped by requests. 

When you borrow a CV D, email the dogsbody a note and he will update the Inventory list.

Like a regular library, only one D of the material exists in the library.  There is no international copyright infringement.  Under Common Law, you are allowed to make a security copy of anything.  You are also allowed to lend something to a friend.  By definition, all Cvers are friends.

Suitable things for the library are things that cannot easily be bought at local shops, such as a TV documentary broadcast 3 years ago or a special video you bought elsewhere or here but is out of stock here because it is not currently fashionable mainstream stuff.  All materials must comply with Brunei's censorship laws, which are basically anything Kristal-Astro will broadcast into Brunei or materials Brunei Customs officials have passed.

Audio and video can both or either be recorded on Ds, so nice music is an especially nice thing to share.  And who knows, you might meet new people who share your tastes!

DVDs are the best Ds as you can get more music (or even music videos) on them. But other kinds are ok too.



Unless otherwise indicated, all locations are 2222497


All videos are compliant with Brunei Censorship Laws


Sainte-Saens: The Carnival of the Animals. Katia and Marielle Labeque Prinsengrachtconsert, 1999

John Willams: The Seville Concert

Van Morrison: Travels, Anthology


Jimmy Hendrix: Isle of Wight Festival

The Who: Tommy

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Yehudi Menuhin: Masterclass

Carlos Santana: Profile

John Lennon: Imagine

Eric Clapton

Sarah Brightman at Gold City

Andrea Bocelli: Profile

Laurie Anderson

Paul Simon: Central Park Concert

One Giant Leap

Blues and Folk

Billie Holliday



General Science

Jacob Bronowski: The Ascent of Man

Susan Greenfield: The Human Brain 13,

Lionel Simms: Stonehenge

Animal Cognition 13

Hearing 13

Emotion 13

Genetics 7

Memory 7

Personality 21

Animal minds 22


Animal Flight

Stephen Hawking biography




Total Recall


Virtual Reality 13,

Lara Croft

Animation 7

Satellites 13

From Babbage to Today

Cyberworld 2020

Search and Rescue

Pixel People

Fibre Optics




Fine Arts

Monet 21

Lindsay Norman


2001: A Space Odessy


Blues Brothers

Easy Rider

Dr No

Sleeping Dictionary


Green Card

Thin Blue Line

About a Boy

And God Created Woman

Anita and Me


Bridget Jones' Diary

Lucky Jim

The Motorcycle Diaries


Monty Python's Flying Circus

Fawlty Towers

Absolutely Fabulous


Whose Line is it anyway?

Malcolm in the Middle


Vendee Globe

Pacific Rower










Bob Dylan Oh Mercy, Infidels, early,

Paul Simon Graceland

Led Zeppelin Rain Song, III, I

Santana Spirits Dancing in the Flesh, Blues for Salvador

Robbie McIntosh

Jim Croce

Serena McDermott

Laurie Anderson

Eric Clapton Unplugged, Live on Tour 2001, Money and Cigarettes, Crossroads

Leonard Cohen

Cleo Laine collection

Best Friends

Debussy La Mer


Miles Davies

Dire Straits

Sarah Brightman


Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez

Pink Floyd Animals, The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon,

Get Your Filthy Hands off My Desert

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

John Lennon Imagine


John Williams solos, solos, and Julian Bream, The Seville Concert

Acoustic Alchemy Natural Elements

Michael Hedges Breakfast in the Field

Miles Davies


Fleetwood Mac I, II


Wyndham Hill

Cherokee Rose Tracks South

Spyro Gyra


Aretha Franklin


Cesaria Evora

Ladysmith Black Mamba

Deep Forest

Dr John

Chick Corea

Jonie Mitchell Dog Eat Dog, The Hissing of Summer Lawns

Edie Brickell Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars

Vangelis China

Takemitsu November Steps

Bob James Ivory Coast

Beatles White LP

Jimmy Buffet Songs You Know by Heart

Al Stewart

Cesaria Evora

Jackson Browne Running on Empty

Gipsy Kings